Shifter tasks

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Take beam data:

During the beam data taking, the shifter tasks are almost automatized: the shifter only needs to take care of the start+stop commands on the eudaq. We should take runs of ~5000 cycles (file size good compromise).

Before that, we should check:

Filling the e-log

The information needed for a standard good run (for example for a run taken with a beam of pions +, 50 GeV) is:

Run 30081: 46k pions/spill (790 validated). Recorded 5k cycles, 41k T0s, 18k Cher.

- The pion(muon/electron)/spill is the total number of triggered events per spill (first number in the trigger counter) which must be equal to the coincidence rates in the big or small scintillators (Muons or pions) depending of our kind of beam. These two rates are the second and third numbers in the trigger counter.

- The validated events are the ones gated by our data acq., per spill. This number is shown in the fourth counter of the trigger counter.

- Recorded cycles is the number of cycles that we took (decided by us using the start/stop button in the eudaq run control)

- T0s, is the total number of T0 events recorded in our run. Follow the instructions to measure it in chip 201, channel 29.

- Chers, is the total number of Cherenkov events recorded in our run. Follow the instructions to measure it in chip 227, channel 6.

This information is visible in the trigger counter:

Trigger Counters

This information should be also uploaded to the spreadsheet that we use to monitor the amount of data that we are taking.

Extra Information for the e-log:

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