AHCAL Shift Instructions for HGCAL + AHCAL TestBeam at CERN SPS in July 2017

during ongoing run


when run is stopped


restart the labview

Configure the detector from scratch

After the power cycle of the AHCAL detector, following steps bring AHCAL to a proper configured state.

Power on

Power is connected from dedicated windows PC and controlled via a labview program. This PC is next to the Beam steering PC. If the program is not running (or crashed), the is a shortcut on desktop to the labview project, which is located in D:\MPOD_labview\AHCAL_MPOD.lvproj

expected currents:



High Voltage

before initialization

1.2-1.5 A

0.1 A

+-0.002 A

after configuration

1.8-2.0 A

0.1 A

+-0.003 A


1.8-2.0 A

0.1 A

+-0.003 A

temperature readout

1.2-1.6 A (?)

0.1 A

+-0.003 A


Configuration and datataking labview is located on a PC in the beam area with IP addresses (AHCAL network) and (HGCAL network). There is dedicated computer (called "onlinemonitoring", the PC with a big screen) for the remote desktop to that PC. To connect, go to directory ~/rdesktop-1.8.3 and start with command ./rdesktop -u calice -g 1900x1100.





how to do a LED calibration

First, change the configuration in Labview:

Then the LED is started from a special version of EUDAQ, which loads different configuration files and executes them. This eudaq is located on the "flchcallab4" in the testbeam area with IP addresses (AHCAL network) and (HGCAL network). There is dedicated computer (called "flchcallab6", left from the computer with a big screen) for remote execution of the eudaq. There is already opened terminal in the very right desktop of that PC, which is already connected to the EUDAQ PC, from where a single command is sufficient ./LED_2017 to start the EUDAQ. To start the EUDAQ from a new terminal, or from different computer execute:

ssh -X calice@    #or from svhgcal01
cd /home/calice/Desktop/EUDAQ1.6/producers/calice/scripts/


How to configure AHCAL for combined physics runs from LED mode

First, change the configuration in Labview:

How to make the detector independent

This guide describes how to make the AHCAL detector independent on the HGCAL, which does following things:

The procedure:

How to switch on and of High Voltage (HV)

Whenever is the black clover removed, the high voltage should be switched off, because the detection layers themselves are not light-tight.

trouble shooting

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