Shifts Instruction

Some more information on some of the tools / workflows can also be found here: April2018_SoftwareWorkshop

Or in older test beam documentation: tb2015 tb2016 tb2017 (be aware that things may be outdated there)

setup the Temperature Compensation function

DAQ PC for LabView

1. make a folder for temperature compansetion

2. copy a path of the folder

3. paste the path to
a. In calibration tab, a part of temperature read
b. In HV adjust tab, HV setting file path, HV reference file path, temperature reference file path and create new HV setting file path

4. prepare dT/dDAC setting file and click set button or set dT/dDAC values in the dT/dDAC array by hand

If you don't have any reference files for HV and temperature

5. prepare refernce files
a. go to calibration tab and read and save current temperature
b. go to the bottom left in HV setting tab, create new reference files from current temperature
c. set the reference temperature to 25 degree C
d. read HV1, 2 and 3
e. create new HV reference file from current settings
f. edit reference values to the value on the passport. HBU5_passports.pdf, HBU6_passports.pdf

6. click the create new HV setting button

7. click the set and read all HV button to check the function work or not

8. go to take data tab and turn Temperature adjustment LED on


The data is located at flchcallab5 in


This is also mounted in the virtual machine (Reconstruction-Ubuntu14) under


And will be uploaded to pnfs



To run the standard reconstruction go to the virtual machine (Reconstruction-Ubuntu14) on the flchcallab5 PC.

1. load ILCSoft and CALICESoft

source ~/Reconstruction/

2. go to Reconstruction folder of the current test beam .png

cd ~/Reconstruction/2018_May_CERN

3. Edit and Run a steering file of your needs e.g.,

Marlin steering_reco_beam_2018MayCern.xml

This will run the reconstruction and puts the output SLCIO file into the ReconstructedSlcioFiles folder and the root files into the Reconstructed ROOT files folder.

Current steering files:

steering_reco_cosmics_2018MayCern.xml - for cosmics without the BIF

steering_reco_beram_2018MayCern.xml - for beam with BIF



Please save any plots of reconstructed data in the virtual machine (Reconstruction-Ubuntu14 on flchcallab5) in


and the filename as


Event Display

Event Display is located on the flchcallab5 PC in a virtual machine (called Reconstruction-Ubuntu14).

The Event Display will be on the bottom left.png workspace.

!!! Important: The event display needs reconstructed slcio files to run on !!!

In order to start it:

  1. go to the corresponding folder:
    cd ~/Software/EventDisplay/build
  2. adapt and load the setup
    source ../scripts/
  3. Run the GUI

You will get the following GUI:


Next you have to choose a run (Last run option, or enter manually is possible). Make sure that for the run a reconstructed slcio file that contains the run number in the file name is present in the default folder


Alternatively change the folder for the reconstructed file in scripts/

After entering the run number (and minimum number of hits, if wanted) hit the configure button.

The Start GUI button starts the glced monitor. Afterwards Start Marlin. For Marlin a new xterm window opens. You can browse through events by hitting enter in the xterm.

To make the pictures look nice you can zoom and change the angle. Also the transparency of the hits can be reduced to get clearer hits (Transparency in the menu) and teh background color can be changed (keyboard short cut "b").

The Save Image button saves the images in the Image folder.

Offline Monitor

Link to the old documentation.png

The Offline monitor needs two programs to run: QtReco which produces the plots and QtReco-Client for plotting

All paths are for the virtual machine (Reconstruction-Ubuntu14) on the flchcallab5 PC

to start QtReco:

1. load the evnironment

source ~/Reconstruction/

2. go to the QtReco location

cd ~/Software/QtReco_v2

3. adapt the steering file located in


check for input/output paths.

The steering_raw.xml is copied to the steering.xml, so if you want to change something, it needs to be done in the steering_raw.xml.

But if you want to change the input path, adapt it in:


4. go to the bin folder

cd bin/

5. Start QtReco


You will get the following DMAHCAL V1.4 Gui and AHCAL Logger:


Next you select "Last run" or "Enter Manually", if you choose "Enter manually" you have to type just run number in the "Run number" field. Afterwards click on "Find Run", check the AHCAL logger is datafile according to selection was found.


Afterwards hit configure and if the input path and the correct run number are chosen it should find the input file:


The Other Settings part in the QtReco interface is not yet implemented and does not work.

Next you need to run the QtReco-Client:

source ~/Reconstruction/
cd ~/Software/QtReco-Client/bin

In the QtReco-Client GUI: press "connect" and select a run number.

Then start the reconstruction in the QtReco GUI. When it is finished, you can display the plot in the QtReco-Client GUI.

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