First look into reconstructed data of test beam at DESY in Feb 2018

The following runs were used: 5370-5379

The setup consists of 4 modules (13,14,15,16) with an absorber in front. The detector was running with the BIF for time reference.

The following plots are without any event selection or cuts - just plain reconstructed events. For reconstruction the default calibration constants in the database were used and a simple time calibration was performed.

The reconstructed root file can be downloaded here:

Hit distributions

Number of hits per event: nHits.pdf

Hit distribution I coordinate: hitI.pdf

Hit distribution J coordinate: hitJ.pdf

Hit distribution K coordinate: hitK.pdf

Memory cell occupancy: memoryCell_occupancy.pdf Memory Cell is defined as hitType - 100, so you have to substract 100 from the xAxis to get the memoryCell number.

Hit Map (logarithmic Z scale): Run_5370_hitmap.pdf


Energy calibrated using gain, pedestal and mip constants from Yuji.

Hit energy: Run_5370_hitEnergy.pdf

Hit energu with landau fit: Run_5370_hitEnergy_landauFit.pdf

Hit energy high gain (red), low gain (green), both (blue) Run_5370_hitEnergyBothGain.pdf

Hit energy high gain (red), low gain (green), both (blue) for each module: Run_5370_hitEnergy_perModule.pdf

Hit energy high gain: Run_5370_hitEnergyHighGain.pdf

Hit energy low gain: Run_5370_hitEnergyLowGain.pdf

Energy Sum: Run_5370_energySum.pdf

Energy Distribution with varying distance to center of the shower (pos i=12, j=12 is the center of the detector):

pos 12, 12: hitEnergy_13_12_12.pdf

pos 12, 10: hitEnergy_13_12_10.pdf

pos 12, 8: hitEnergy_13_12_08.pdf

pos 12, 2: hitEnergy_13_12_02.pdf

Energy distribution for different memory cells in the same channel in log and normal scale.

Memory Cell 1: hitEnergy_13_12_12_memCell-01.pdf hitEnergy_13_12_12_memCell-01_log.pdf

Memory Cell 2: hitEnergy_13_12_12_memCell-02.pdf hitEnergy_13_12_12_memCell-02_log.pdf

Memory Cell 3: hitEnergy_13_12_12_memCell-03.pdf hitEnergy_13_12_12_memCell-03_log.pdf

Memory Cell 4: hitEnergy_13_12_12_memCell-04.pdf hitEnergy_13_12_12_memCell-04_log.pdf

Together in one plot: hitEnergyMemoryCellsComparison.pdf

Conclusion: Memory cell 3 does not show a different behaviour

Hit energy distribution for 4 different channels in all layers (12,12; 12,13; 13,12; 13,13) for each memory cell Run_5370_hitEnergy_perMemCell.pdf

Same channels as above but summed over all memory cells but the first one (as the first one never goes into low gain mode): Run_5370_hitEnergy_perChannel.pdf

Time distributions

Data after a simple time calibration (only slope and offset, no timewalk/non-linearity). The slopes seem to be a bit more flat than before: plus/minus 1-1.4ns/tdc.

Time distribution complete range: timeResolution_all.pdf

Zoom in around 0: timeResolution.pdf

Correlation of hit time with layers and energy: time-layer_correlation.pdf time-energy_correlation.pdf

Correlation of hit time with bxID: hitTime_over_BXID.pdf

Correlation of hit time over BIF Time: hitTime_vs_bifTime.pdf

After recalibration with more hits

Time distribution (falling ramps red, rising ramps blue): Run_5370_timing_bxID.pdf

Time distribution zoom (falling ramps red, rising ramps blue): Run_5370_timing_bxID_zoom.pdf


BIF01: Distribution of BIF Time: bifTime.pdf

BIF02: Distribution of BxIDs: bxID.pdf

BIF03: Acquisation length (bif_StopAcq - bif_StartAcq) acqLength.pdf

BIF04: Acquisation length vs BxID: bxID_vs_acqLength.pdf

BIF05: Acquisation length divided by BxID: acLength_per_BxID.pdf

BIF06: Time distribution vs acquisation length: time_vs_acqLength.pdf

BIF07: Time distribution vs acquisation length divided by BxID: time_vs_acqLength_per_BxID.pdf

BIF08: Same as above with zoom: time_vs_acqLength_per_BxID_zoom.pdf

BIF09: Time distribution vs (acquisition length / 5120) % 2: time_vs_acqLength_modulo2.pdf

BIF10: Time distribution for (acquisition length / 5120) % 2 == 0: time_acqLengthModulo2_0.pdf

BIF11: Time distribution for (acquisition length / 5120) % 2 == 1: timeDistribution_acqLengthModulo2_1.pdf

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