Hit Distributions

Number of Hits: Run_7517_nHits.pdf

Hit Position I: Run_7517_hitI.pdf

Hit Position J: Run_7517_hitJ.pdf

Hit Position K: Run_7517_hitK.pdf

MemoryCell Occupancy: Run_7517_memCellOccupancy.pdf Memory Cell is defined as hitType - 100, so you have to substract 100 from the xAxis to get the memoryCell number.

Hit Map (logarithmic Z scale): Run_7517_hitmap.pdf


Only dummy calibration values are used for this plots

Hit Energy: Run_7517_hitEnergy.pdf

Energy Sum: Run_7517_energySum.pdf

Gain Scan

uncalibrated (dummy values) hit energy distribution for 16 channels (4 center tiles in 4 layers) with different gain thresholds

500: gainThr500_hitEnergy_perChannel.pdf

450: gainThr450_hitEnergy_perChannel.pdf

400: gainThr400_hitEnergy_perChannel.pdf


Hit Time distribution: Run_7517_timing.pdf

Hti Time distribution zoom around 0: Run_7517_timing_zoom.pdf

Same pltos as before but for rising and falling slopes separately: Run_7517_timing_bxID.pdf Run_7517_timing_bxID_zoom.pdf

(red: even BxIDs, blue: odd BxIDs)

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