DQM4HEP Monitoring

for help about installing DQM4HEP and preparing the analysis modules, see the http://flcwiki.desy.de/AHCALMonitoring_DQM4HEP

The DQM4HEP settings are practically the same as for the AHCAL testbeam at May 2017 (the link contains additional, DQM4HEP-unrelated information)

Introduction and prerequirements

The DQM reads the slcio files, that are generated by the EUDAQ (even while the file is being written). The slcio files are not directly produced in eudaq 1.6. Only the eudaq raw files are produced.

To convert the eudaq raw data, following converter has to be called from the EUDAQ PC: TODO

Shifter instructions

1) In /home/calice/TB2017/script, load all the dqm4hep elements:

source manual_start.sh

This is only needed once, but eventually an element will crash. In this case kill them, for that:

source manual_kill.sh

2) In the Run Control, click Start run click on okay, no password is needed. This is only required once at the beginning.

3) in /home/calice/TB2017/DQM4HEP/build start the streamer with the name of the file to look into (and the full path if you are not in the right path), e.g.

dqm4hep_start_lcio_file_service -c ahcal_event_collector -t 1 -f <file> 

#for example:

dqm4hep_start_lcio_file_service -c ahcal_event_collector -t 1 -f /home/calice/TB2017/mount_flchcallab4/Desktop/EUDAQ1.6-testbeam2017July/data/lcio_converted/hgcal/converted001479__29p09p2017__14p12p22.slcio 

In the ~/TB2017/script is a script, that sends the last converted file to DQM: stream_latest.sh, and that sends a range of runs, e.g. stream_range.sh 1470 1490

4) if you want to clear the histograms before you look at a new run, you need to stop the run in the run control, wait a bit, and then start the run again. After clicking on update in the DQM Monitoring Window, the histograms should be empty

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