We had 1 week of beamtime at DESY, TB21, from 10/10 to 16/10. Elog is available here:

Spiroc2e in HBU5_BGA1 MIP scan (12th October 2016)

One day of MIP data taking with USB Labview.


Tile map: Spiroc2e_map.png

The red cercles mark the equiped tiles (Hammamatsu MPPC), the orange rectangle the are with white reflction around the MPPCs.

Data location:

Example of MIP spectrum:


Spiroc2b in SMX, dMIP / dV scan

One day of MIP data taking with USB Labview varying the HV settings in the labview program.

Data location:

AHCAL and Telescope Test Beam at DESY (October 2016)


See the Sketch


See more details in the following slides.

EUDAQ code, written specifically for the new data structure of the LDA and AHCAL acting as a DUT:

Monitoring code, based on DMQ4HEP:


Following the tradition started in May2016, to feed the shifters urges of artistic beautiness and compensate the lack of natural light in the hut, a set of wallpapers was prepared and loaded in the PC's.

In first place, the Wallpaper Committee decided to celebrate the 100 aniversary of Hieronymus Bosch, but after few discussions we though that that guy was too complicated, so we decide to use paints from Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock instead...


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