What is AIDA-2020?

The AIDA-2020 project brings together the leading European research infrastructures in the field of detector development and testing and a number of institutes, universities and technological centers, thus assembling the necessary expertise for the ambitious programme of work.

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WP5: Data acquisition system for beam tests

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AIDA-2020 is divided into 15 Work Packages. A Work Package (WP) is a unit of work within the project. The WPs are theoretically independent but they were defined in order to foster synergies in AIDA-2020.




Task Leaders

Task 5.1 Scientific coordination

David Cussans (UNIBRIS) Matthew Wing (UCL)

Task 5.2 Interface, synchronisation and control of multiple-detector systems

David Cussans (UNIBRIS)

Task 5.3 Development of central DAQ software and run control

Matthew Wing (UCL)

Task 5.4 Development of data quality and slow control monitoring

Fabrizio Salvatore (USSUS)

Task 5.5 Event model for combined DAQ

Adrian Irles (DESY)

WP5 Technology Transfer Officer

Matthew Wing (UCL)

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