The modified Backframe

After consulting with Dan Peterson, from Cornell, we decided to go on in building a modified backframe for the LPTPC module which has an internal border thinner than the standard one thus leaving more space for contacts and connectors on the back of the PCB board.

The original backframe design

The first sketch of the modified version

The module backframe is now in the design phase for a final version to be produced. The total heigth of the module is 35 mm leaving 10 mm for the PCB and the GEM stack

Update Oct. 20 2009:
The first prototype of the backframe has been produced. The total heigth of the module has been reduced to 30 mm to use the available standard aluminum plate from the Uni HH Workshop. This means that the distance from the anode terminal is 15 mm. This module needs now to be surveyed to assess its conformity with the design.

Material and other features

The backframe should be produced with a specific type of aluminum alloy tempered to relieve it from the internal stresses.

Specifics for the aluminum alloy to be used in the device

The production process must include two cold shock processes to relieve the material of internal stresses caused by the machining. The specifics are included in the original backframe design

Because the University Workshop doesn't have the Alu 6061 T651 alloy readily available we will try to produce a prototype with the AlMg 4,5MN (Dogal 5080) alloy.

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