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## page was renamed from batchZSHproblem

BIRD -- ZSH environment problems

Some settings in your .zshrc can influence the operation of the BIRD environment setup script /usr/sge/default/common/settings.sh

If you cannot start qmon because of a missing library or qstat exits with error, you .zshrc could be the reason. To test if that is the case add

if [ ! ""$HOST = lc3 -a ! ""$HOST = lc4 ]; then

as very first line and

    echo " logged into batch cluster submit host --> ignored .zshrc"

as very last lines in your ~/.zshrc

After this modification you should see the line "logged into batch cluster submit host --> ignored .zshrc" when logging into the cluster.

After freshly logging into lc3 or lc4 execute

. /usr/sge/default/common/settings.sh

again and see if qmon and qstat work. If it does work now, your custom settings have been the problem.

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