In the year 2014, two campaigns were conducted at CERN PS. One in the end of October, the other in the end of November both for a period around 10 days. The goal of this page is to keep important things in mind like setup, geometry, position of the detector, list of runs... in order to keep track of what has been done at that time. The first period was done mostly to test the new DAQ using HDMI but due to a bug in the kernel driver of the processing part of the Zinq, we had to fall back to USB readout. Commands like start and stop aquisition where send via HDMI and the readout done via USB leading to instabilities (not all layers appearing in the readout). Despite theses problems, we got a good amount a data with Muon runs from the first period.

For the second period, the intented DAQ setup work perfectly fine and very fast. The setup is composed of 2 mini-LDAs and one CCC connected. The layers were connected on both LDAs trying to be equivalent on the type of layers on each LDA. We collected much more data than the fist period (Muons and Pions mostly). During also this period, we were running on the EUDAQ with one layer of SiECAL to prove that 2 different detectors can be run at the same time synchronously.

This testbeam enabled us to go a step forward concerning the data aquisition system and a full 1m3 hadronic calorimeter.

rsz_dsc_0029.jpg rsz_dsc_0962.jpg


The Setup was composed of different type of layers (EBUs, SMD, Ketek, SenSL, ITEP). Here is a picture of the layout of the stack :


One has to be careful that the layer and stack position are different!!! And also that, layer 13 was in slot 13!


A list of runs can be found here.



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