For setting up a local version of the database on your machine, you will need an installation of the MySQL software and a dump of the database. If you are using a machine with AFS access, run

$ ini mysql

Otherwise, please make sure that <mysqldir>/bin and <mysqldir>/scripts are included in your PATH variable.

You can copy a database dump to your machine via

 $ scp <yourfolder>/

Afterwards, you need to unzip the dump file.

 $ cd <yourfolder>
 $ gunzip -c mysqldump_calicedb_calice_2010_07_01.sql.gz > mysqldump_calicedb_calice_2010_07_01.sql

The next step is to set up a MySQL database on your machine. First, run

$ mysql_install_db --basedir=<basedir> --datadir=<datadir>

to create the GRANT tables needed for any database. <basedir> is the base directory of your MySQL installation (e.g. /opt/mysql/mysql) and <datadir> is the directory where the data from the database are stored (e.g. /opt/mysql/mysql/data).

In order to lauch the MySQL daemon, execute

$ mysqld_safe -uroot --datadir=<datadir> --max_allowed_packet=1G &

If an error about insufficient permissions occurs, try running mysqld_safe with the option --no-defaults.

The following lines describe some inital configuration of your MySQL database. More information on granting rights etc. can be found in the MySQL documentation.

$ mysql -uroot

mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET Password = PASSWORD('rootpassword') WHERE User = 'root';

mysql> CREATE USER 'dbuser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'dbuserpassword';

mysql> CREATE DATABASE calice;

mysql> GRANT SELECT ON calice.* TO 'dbuser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'dbuserpassword';

mysql> QUIT;

The import of the content of the dump file to your new database ist started via

$ mysql -uroot -p calice < mysqldump_calicedb_calice_2010_07_01.sql

When using your local database instead of the official CALICE database, you will have to change the init string for the database access according to the format


For example:


In order to shut down the MySQL daemon properly, type

$ mysqladmin -uroot -p shutdown

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