The Database Viewer

There is a simple database viewer at hand - which is part of the calice_db_tools package on the SVN server. A git-based mirror is available at DESY via AFS:


To get it running, put the dbview in your path and start the viewer by

$>  dbview -v      or
$>  DBInit=<non-default:db:init:string> dbview -v

The latter is necessary if you intend to change the database, since the default init is read-only.

First Steps

After starting the DB viewer you'll see something like this:


Now, to really see some information stored in the DB one needs to do some click and try. The main window is divided in three parts. In the upper left part you see the DB's directory structure. So to look at some data click on one of the tables in this folder, e.g. "/cd_calice_cernbeam_XXX/Hcal/HcalMapping", with the right mouse button and hold it. In the context menu choose "Display folder" and then release the right mouse button. Now you should see something like this:


In the right part appears a time diagram, but with nothing in it. To see sth. hit the zoom-Button (the one in lowercase letters) several times then you should see some grey bars:


Now, to get to see some data, click with the left mouse button on one of the grey bars. A window like this should pop up:


The scheme is: integer value (hex value).

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