Most important DB folders for HCAL analyses

Other necessary or useful conditions data path can be found here: other conditions data

HCAL geometry

In total, four DB folders are needed to describe the Hcal geometry:

  /cd_calice_cernbeam/Hcal/HcalModuleDescription   - Module layout
  /cd_calice_cernbeam/Hcal/HcalModuleLocationn     - Module position in stack
  /cd_calice_cernbeam/Hcal/HcalMapping             - Module connection to DAQ
  /cd_calice_cernbeam/Hcal/DetectorPosition        - Stack position for 2006
  /cd_calice_cernbeam/Hcal/HcalDetectorPosition    - Same for 2007 


Pedestal subtraction

There is no run-to-run pedestal available in the database, yet. For the moment, it is recommended to use the PedestalOnTheFlyProcessor.


The IntegratedHcalCalibrationProcessor is designed to apply Mip calibration, zero suppression and non-linearity correction. These folders need to be invoked in the ConditionsProcessor:

  DBCondHandler SiPmInfo             /cd_calice/Hcal/ITEP_DB         HEAD
  DBCondHandler SiPmSaturation       /cd_calice/Hcal/ITEP_Saturation HEAD
  DBCondHandler SiPmModuleProduction /cd_calice/Hcal/Production_DB   HEAD

Further, calibration constants are needed for each half-module. Average calibrations for 2006 (broken up in two periods for August and the stable half of October) and 2007 are in folders


All calibration measurements for 2006 are archived in these folders, stored with validity times equal to the time interval of the data (e.g. an ahcGain run):


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