Installation of DAQ Software for Analysis

The aim of this page is to summarize the steps from the complete DAQ Software installation manual (, which are necessary for the installation of the analysis part of the DAQ Software:

0. Try the official manual. If you feel overwhelmed, just do the following:

1. Go to your directory, where you want to install the software.

2. Get the DAQ Software via "svn co". Then you should have a "code" directory, which contains four other directories named "daquser", "onlilc", "online", "onlsim" and "records". This is now the complete code of the DAQ Software.

3. But at some point you will probably modify the code. Therefore you make a new directory where you work (from now on called workDir). This directory can be at an arbitrary place.

4. Inside your workDir there need to be a number of other directories, which names and locations are IMPORTANT!

5. First you need to softlink the "daquser" and the "records" directory from your "code" directory to your workDir (... is to be replaced according to your directory structure):

  ln -s .../code/daquser/ .../workDir/daquser/


  ln -s .../code/records/ ... /workDir/records/

5. In addition you create three new directories in your "workDir" named "bin", "inc" and "src".

6. You need also a "data" directory in your workDir, which contains the directories "run", "slw", "log" and "sum". Your binary files for Analysis should go into the "run" directory. Either copied or linked from somewhere else.

7. Finally you need to build the executables from the sourcecode: Therefore you should source the script, which needs to be modified for your machine with "source". Now the very last step is to simply type "buildAll" !

In case you encounter problems like:

zsh: 5802 segmentation fault  ./bin/printRunType

you have to increase the stack size of the shell. This can be done in the shell via:

ulimit -s unlimited

Contents of

# settings for your workDir
# e.g. PREFIX=/scratch/data/cguenter/my_calice_daq_install/

#add the new stuff to PATH

#set up ROOT (find out which version to use with command "ini")
ini ROOT526

#allow  programs to read from dCache pool
export LD_PRELOAD=/opt/products/lib/

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