The CALICE(FLC) location naming concept

There are some traditional terms used in our group to refer to a geographical location. The run numbers of data collected at test beams indicate the run location ( see RunRanges for a detailed list).


Every (particle) physicist should know what CERN is and where it is located. If the people of the CALICE collaboration use CERN as a place, they usually refer to the H6 beam line where the 2006 and 2007 combined test-beams took place.

2. (DESY) Testbeam

One of the two main locations at DESY is the electron test-beam #21. It hosted the first ECAL test-beams 2005 and 2006. The HCAL group used it mainly for R&D and calibration. In 2007 it was also used by the SC-ECAL for their first test-beam program.


Alike CERN, the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FERMIlab) should be known to everyone. The CALICE collaboration plans to run a combined test-beam program at the MTBF beginning of 2008.

4. tent

The second location at DESY, which is (misleadingly) called tent, refers to the former clean rooms in hall 36. One of the rooms was used for the production of the HCAL active layers another hosted a huge variety of HCAL R&D data taking including the Xmas run 2005/2006. In front of the clean rooms the HCAL movable stage was assembled during 2006.

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