This is a log of the changes made by BenjaminLutz to integrate the DAQ at the CERN 2010 test-beam.

This is the short log:

  1. check exports on pclcd5 in /etc/exports (./)

  2. check /etc/hosts.allow on pclcd5
    • added access to some services for the DAQ computers
    • restart network services
  3. check that nfs service is running on pclcd5 /etc/init.d/nfs status (./)

  4. change /etc/fstab on caliceana
    • see detailed description
    • mount the two directories mount /srv/data00 and mount /srv/data01

More detailed description of changes are listed here for the different computers:



Removed old DESY/FNAL IP addresses and added CERN IP address for calice02, calicehcalsc03, caliceana, and pclcd05 pclcd05.cern.ch pclcd05 calice02.cern.ch calice02 calicehcalsc03.cern.ch calicehcalsc03 caliceana.cern.ch caliceana


Comment out old DESY/FNAL mount points add two new mount points to pclcd05

pclcd05:/Storage/data00 /srv/data00             nfs   defaults 0 0
pclcd05:/Storage/data01 /srv/data01             nfs   defaults 0 0



Add manual entries for the DAQ computers. This is not generally necessary, but helps to run the DAQ in case of CERN DNS server problems. pclcd05.cern.ch pclcd05 calice02.cern.ch calice02 calicehcalsc03.cern.ch calicehcalsc03 caliceana.cern.ch caliceana


The etc exports already contained the right lines. Just for the protocol this are the relevant entries:

/Storage/data00       calice02.cern.ch(rw,no_root_squash,sync) caliceana.cern.ch(rw,no_root_squash,sync)
/Storage/data01       calice02.cern.ch(rw,no_root_squash,sync) caliceana.cern.ch(rw,no_root_squash,sync)


Added permissions to access the nfs service from calice02, caliceana, calicehcalsc03:

portmap: caliceana.cern.ch, calice02.cern.ch, calicehcalsc03.cern.ch
nfsd: caliceana.cern.ch, calice02.cern.ch, calicehcalsc03.cern.ch
mountd:caliceana.cern.ch, calice02.cern.ch, calicehcalsc03.cern.ch

subversion on calice02

wget http://the.earth.li/pub/subversion/summersoft.fay.ar.us/pub/subversion/latest/rhel-3/bin/subversion-1.3.2-1.rhel3.i386.rpm
wget http://the.earth.li/pub/subversion/summersoft.fay.ar.us/pub/subversion/latest/rhel-3/bin/subversion-tools-1.3.2-1.rhel3.i386.rpm
wget http://the.earth.li/pub/subversion/summersoft.fay.ar.us/pub/subversion/latest/rhel-3/bin/neon-0.24.7-1.i386.rpm
wget http://the.earth.li/pub/subversion/summersoft.fay.ar.us/pub/subversion/latest/rhel-3/bin/subversion-perl-1.3.2-1.rhel3.i386.rpm

yum install httpd
rpm -i neon-0.24.7-1.i386.rpm
rpm -i subversion-1.3.2-1.rhel3.i386.rpm
rpm -i subversion-perl-1.3.2-1.rhel3.i386.rpm
rpm -i subversion-tools-1.3.2-1.rhel3.i386.rpm

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