DAQ installation

as reported on DAQinstallation the HAL driver does not work with the SBS driver for the 2.6. kernel. Therefore, this installation will use SL3 with kernel 2.4. on calice01 and calice02


CMS SBS driver from http://cmsdoc.cern.ch/~cschwick/VME/html/VMEBridges_SBS_Drivers_SLC3.html

to start kernel module execute /usr/local/SBS/1003/v2p3p0/sys/mkbtp

HAL V3.19 from http://cmsdoc.cern.ch/~cschwick/software/documentation/HAL/index.html

DAQ computers

Installation logs (not yet complete) can be found:

calice00 (SL4.5 Fermi 32 bit)

calice01 (SL3.0.8 Fermi 32 bit)

calice02 (SL3.0.8 Fermi 32 bit)

calice03 (SL4.?? Anl 32 bit)



see FNAL network

general remarks

March 2008


found on the SBS web page (which by the way is not called SBS anymore)

There is a known bus adapter device driver software bug that exists on all versions of the bus adapter device driver software except for model 946 (Solaris) v2p6p1 and model 1003 (Linux) versions prior to v3.1.A, that may degrade the performance of applications that utilize driver read or write functions and PT or PR or VME interrupts, on the 32-bit bus adapter models. The effects of the bug can be completely avoided by disabling the bus adapter's DMA polling feature. The DMA polling feature can be disabled by setting the unit's parameter values BT_INFO_DMA_POLL_CEILING < BT_INFO_DMA_THRESHOLD with the sample bt_info.c program. On some driver distributions this will already be the case, if the unit's BT_INFO_DMA_POLL_CEILING  and BT_INFO_DMA_THRESHOLD parameter values are left at their default settings.

To read the BT_INFO_DMA_POLL_CEILING parameter value on bus adapter unit number 0:

bt_info -u 0 -p BT_INFO_DMA_POLL_CEILING
bt_info -u 0 -p DMA_POLL_CEILING

To read the BT_INFO_DMA_THRESHOLD parameter value on bus adapter unit number 0:

bt_info -u 0 -p BT_INFO_DMA_THRESHOLD
bt_info -u 0 -p DMA_THRESHOLD

The simplest way to disable the  DMA polling feature, is to set the BT_INFO_DMA_POLL_CEILING parameter value to 0:

bt_info -u 0 -p BT_INFO_DMA_POLL_CEILING -v 0
bt_info -u 0 -p DMA_POLL_CEILING -v 0

Note: The BT_INFO_DMA_POLL_CEILING is a bus adapter unit-global parameter, that if changed, the BT_INFO_DMA_POLL_CEILING parameter on any additional installed bus adapter units should be changed as well. Most installations only have a single bus adapter unit (unit number 0) installed.

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