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 * Another option to connect to wireless network is [[http://it.desy.de/services/networks/wlan_at_desy/eduroam/index_eng.html|eduroam]].

Network Access

  • If you bring your own laptop to DESY, you can either connect to the wireless network or use a wall outlet. Both kinds of network use DHCP. If the MAC address of your network device has not been registered before, you will have to fill in a short registration form on the Guest Network Portal Server. You will then be given a guest access, i. e. an IP address which does not belong to the DESY network (from the point of view of the firewall) – you can connect to the outside world as usual, but you will not get access to certain internal services. If you plan to use your laptop frequently, you should have it registered – ask one of the administrators.

  • Another option to connect to wireless network is eduroam.

  • The coverage with wireless network is rather good, especially in the proximity of seminar rooms and similar facilities – the IT group provides a map of access points. The wireless guest network has the SSID “DESY-Guest” and is not password-protected. Furthermore, you should find several wall outlets in every office, but keep in mind that not every socket behaves the same: You should generally use the left one of the two sockets in a box for your laptop.

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