Operating Systems at DESY

The various FLC hosts run several operating systems:

Ubuntu LTS (Long-term-support)

Since 2010 DESY IT offers a 'best-effort' support for Ubuntu installations on desktops. With minor midifications and additions, ubuntu systems are seemlessly incorporated into DESY infrastructure (AFS, Printing, groups) etc and offer a modern and reasonably long-supported alternative to SLD.

Scientific Linux flavours (RedHat Enterprise recompiled/rebranded)

DESY Linux flavours (SuSE based) - out of support

For you as a user there should be only minor differences between the operating systems. However, you have to keep in mind that you should recompile your software if you’d like to run it under a different operating system because the systems use different compiler versions by default – if you forget this, you may get rather incomprehensible error messages or crashes. Furthermore, keep in mind that symbolic links which make use of the “@sys” mechanism in the AFS will take you to another destination (or may become invalid).

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