Data Quality


There are two levels of data quality checks that are applied to testbeam data. The first level checks are done by the shift crew during data taking. Since 2008, information about special features of certain runs are not only documented in the eLog, but also in the graphical RunLog. A description of the data quality flags used in the RunLog can be found here.

The second level of data quality checks is performed on ROOT trees generated from the converted data "/grid/calice/tb-<site>/raw".


* <site> is either cern or fnal.

During the generation of these DQ-trees, the runs have to be reconstructed. The ROOT trees, the reconstructed files and tarballs comprising the Marlin steering files and different logfiles are stored on the grid. The grid folders are


The different versions and their features are summarized in the following.

DQ Root Trees

The DQ root trees contain information of the main detector components of the calice test beam setup, therefore ECAL, HCAL, TCMT, Drift Chambers, Trigger and Slow control variables are stored in the trees. Several RootTreeWriter engines are used to transport the initial slcio collections to simple DQ tree variables.

A summary of the most important variables stored on the DQ-ROOT trees and the engines used to fill them can be found here:

The source code of the engines can be temporary found in "/nfs/flc/lc4/pool/vargas/caliceSoft/calice_dq/RootTreeWriter/doc/html/pages.html"

Analysing the DQ Root Trees

The analysis of the DQ-Root trees can be performed using the DQ_BaseClass. You can get the source code from the git repository: "/nfs/flc/lc4/pool/vargas/newDQCode"

A makefile is included, just type make and the executable ProcessDQTree will be created. Running this executable as:

will create a summaryDQtree.root file containing averaged variables of the run. Description of the filled variables can be found temporary on lc4, "file:///pool/vargas/newDQCode/documentation/html/index.html".

Example: Processing of 2007 CERN Data

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