Creating Doxygen Documentation for Code without Doxygen Comments

In some cases, you would like to have a doxygen documentation, even if no doxygen comments are in the code (for example for CondDBMySQL). This can be useful, to browse in a convenient way through the member functions of the classes to get an overview. This case will be described in the following.

In the first step, you should create an empty directory somewhere, for example the directory "doc" in the folder of your installation (here written as "/path/to/program-installation"). In this folder you issue the command:

doxygen -g

which creates an standard doxygen steering file. Then you edit the created file "Doxyfile" and change the following parameters (replace "/path/to/program-installation" by the correct path):

After these changes are saved, you run doxygen as above, but without the "-g" option in this folder. When it is finished, you can browse the documentation by opening the "/path/to/program-installation/doc/html/index.html" file in the browser of your choice.

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