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Howto install MarlinTPC on a DESY SLD4 system

For a standard installation on DESY Scientific Linux 4 please take the following steps.

You need a working version of SLD4, a root installation available (path is needed) and java. You also need a directory with sufficient space to install MarlinTPC

  1. download the installer:
    • (the original is resting in the Zeuthen cvs)
  2. untar, unzip to your install directory, e.g. /scratch/ilcsoft/ilcinstall/v01-06
  3. download the standard installation config file:
  4. check the file for preview ("-p"), summary ("-s")
    • ./ilcsoft-install -p ilcinstall_std_sld4.cfg
    • ./ilcsoft-install -s ilcinstall_std_sld4.cfg
  5. start the installation (this might take quite long!) (and please log the process)
    • ./ilcsoft-install -i ilcinstall_std_sld4.cfg >& thelogfile.txt

DONE! Now you need to check the installation.


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