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= Event Model for Combined DAQ for the Linear Collider Community =


== Introduction to the AIDA2020 project and the WP5 (Data acquisition system for beam tests) ==
=== What is AIDA-2020? ===
The AIDA-2020 project brings together the leading European research infrastructures in the field of detector development and testing and a number of institutes, universities and technological centers, thus assembling the necessary expertise for the ambitious programme of work.

Visit the [[http://aida2020.web.cern.ch/|AIDA2020 webpage.]]

=== WP5: Data acquisition system for beam tests ===
Visit the [[http://aida2020.web.cern.ch/activities/wp5-data-acquisition-system-beam-tests|AIDA2020 WP5 webpage]].

AIDA-2020 is divided into 15 Work Packages. A Work Package (WP) is a unit of work within the project. The WPs are theoretically independent but they were defined in order to foster synergies in AIDA-2020.

==== Objectives ====
 * Specification of interfaces and provision of a control and timing system to allow multiple detectors to be linked together.
 * Develop a central data acquisition software and run control to enable multiple detectors to be combined in one experiment.
 * Develop monitoring systems to automatically check the data quality.
 * Develop a system to monitor the environmental conditions, such as temperature, of several detectors.
 * Define an event for online data where data is combined from detectors with very different signals and properties.

==== Tasks ====
||'''Task''' ||'''Task''' '''Leaders''' ||
||Task 5.1 Scientific coordination ||David Cussans (UNIBRIS) ||
||Task 5.2 Interface, synchronisation and control of multiple-detector systems ||David Cussans (UNIBRIS) ||
||Task 5.3 Development of central DAQ software and run control ||Matthew Wing (UCL) ||
||Task 5.4 Development of data quality and slow control monitoring ||Fabrizio Salvatore (USSUS) ||
||'''Task 5.5 Event model for combined DAQ''' ||Adrian Irles (DESY) ||
||''WP5 Technology Transfer Officer'' ||''Matthew Wing (UCL)'' ||

== Task 5.5: Event Model for Combined DAQ ==
=== EUDAQforLC ===
==== RawDataEvent format ====
=== LCIO data format ===
==== Scintillator Calorimeters (AHCAL and ScECAL using Spiroc ASICs) ====
==== SDHCAL ====
==== Silicon ECAL with tungsten absorber ====
==== TPC ====
=== Event Building ===
==== AHCAL standalone case ====
Go to '''[[http://flcwiki.desy.de/AIDA2020WP5|AIDA2020 Work Package 5 web page]]'''

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