External Accounts

A DESY account can be given to external FLC colleagues. According to DESY-IT regulations it is only valid for at most 1 year and can be repetitively extended by another year on request.

If you do not need to work with the FLC group specifically, you can also ask for a pure NAF account (see NAF2Start). Both versions can be extended later on, but differ concerning the responsible administrators.

/!\ As expired passwords and accounts are very cumbersome to fix remotely, please pay close attention to the expiry warning messages you receive at your DESY e-mail! (Web client at https://mail.desy.de)

If the account expires, after a week or so, all immediately associated data (home directory, NFS, e-mails) will be permanently deleted and Confluence entries will be made anonymous. Some meta-data about the account will be preserved for possible later reactivation.


Please contact the FLC secretary (contact information) to get an entry into the personnel database (IAM) of DESY. From this central entry all kinds of other personal data is derived for other systems, like radiation protection, access cards, and the computer account. As the EU values your personal data very highly, you will have to give us permission to use this information in the system, by filling and signing one or more forms, sent to you.

If you stayed at DESY before (e.g. at the Test Beam Facility, obtaining a DACHS card or in another group), you may already have an entry in the data base. Please clarify that with the FLC secretary.

Getting the Account

If you are at DESY, just visit the FLC group administrator. That is by far the easiest way.

If you are not at DESY the procedure needs to be done remotely and is more complicated due to the security procedures to be observed:

  1. The FLC administrator will usually be asked by the FLC secretary or by yourself to create an account for you.
  2. The account will be created.
  3. An account form, asking you to agree to the rules of DESY-IT, will be printed or sent to you by e-mail.
  4. Print, read and sign the form, scan it and send it back to the administrator. The first page is sufficient.

  5. The account form will be archived at DESY-IT.
  6. A temporary password will be assigned. This password is valid for 5 days. Security requires that the temporary password must not be communicated by e-mail, so usually a telephone call, SMS or video conference is agreed. (It is a good idea to note down the temporary password for yourself, as the following step sometimes fails or takes longer.)

  7. Use your account name and the temporary password to change your password on https://passwd.desy.de

  8. The new password will be valid for 120 days. You will get several e-mail notifications about password expiry to your DESY e-mail address as the expiry date approaches.

E-Mail Forward

As an external account user you will probably not use your DESY mail account regularly. Therefore, it is a good idea to forward your DESY e-mail to your usually used e-mail address:

  1. Login at https://mail.desy.de

  2. Go to Preferences > Mail

  3. In the tab Receiving Mail you can choose to get notified about new e-mails or to forward a copy to your e-mail address. Specifiy your e-mail address in the corresponding field.

  4. Press the Save button at the top-left of the page.

Account Maintenance

If you receive a password expiry message you can change your password yourself, in time at https://passwd.desy.de Don't wait until the last day, as the password update processes start at different times!

If you receive the account expiry message (attention, there is only one, 50 days in advance!) and you want to keep your account, please contact the FLC administrator! He can prolong your account for one year.

If you didn't pay attention - sorry, we need to repeat the cumbersome procedure from step 6.

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