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 * Software: [[DESYComputingSoftware|Software in the DESY Environment]], [[D0SYComputingOperatingSystems|Operating Systems at DESY]]  * Software: [[DESYComputingSoftware|Software in the DESY Environment]], [[DESYComputingOperatingSystems|Operating Systems at DESY]]
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 * Extra Services: [[DESYComputingTerminalServer|The Windows Terminal Server]]  * Extra Services: [[DESYComputingTerminalServer|The Windows Terminal Server]], [[DESYComputingPAL|Public Access Linux]]
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 * [[ComputingCodingAndTools|Software development and related Tools]]  * [[ComputingCodingAndTools|Software development and related tools]]

Computing at FLC and DESY

  • Here you can collect links to pages that cover general computing issues.

FLC-Specific Topics

DESY-Wide Services

NAF / Grid / Bird

See Also

Ohter (old?)

Some of these pages should be outdated now.

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