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 * Infrastructure: [:FLCComputingHosts:The FLC Hosts], [:FLCComputingLocalStorage:Local Data Storage], [:FLCComputingSharedStorage:Shared Data Storage]  * Infrastructure: [:FLCComputingHosts:The FLC Hosts], [:FLCComputingLocalStorage:Local Data Storage], [:FLCComputingSharedStorage:Shared Data Storage], [:FLCComputingBackup:Data Backup]
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 * Core Services: [:DESYComputingRegistry:The DESY Registry], [:DESYComputingKerberos:Kerberos], [:DESYComputingAFS:AFS]  * Core Services: [:DESYComputingRegistry:The Registry], [:DESYComputingKerberos:Kerberos], [:DESYComputingAFS:AFS]
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 * Communication: [:DESYComputingMail:The DESY Mailserver], [:DESYComputingSympa:Mailing Lists], [:DESYComputingCertificates:DESY SSL Certificates]  * Communication: [:DESYComputingMail:The Mailserver], [:DESYComputingSympa:Mailing Lists], [:DESYComputingCertificates:SSL Certificates]
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 * [http://www.desy.de/~vogel/flcbackup.htm Data Backup in the FLC Group]

Computing at FLC and DESY

  • Here you can collect links to pages that cover general computing issues.

FLC-Specific Topics

  • Basics: [:FLCComputingStart:Getting Started], [:FLCComputingAdmins:Whom to Ask], [:FLCComputingWebpages:The FLC Web Pages]

  • Infrastructure: [:FLCComputingHosts:The FLC Hosts], [:FLCComputingLocalStorage:Local Data Storage], [:FLCComputingSharedStorage:Shared Data Storage], [:FLCComputingBackup:Data Backup]

  • Batch Cluster: [:FLCComputingBatchCluster:Using the Batch Cluster (short)], [:BatchCluster:How to Use the BIRD (long)]

  • Software: [:FLCComputingFlcini:The flcini Command]

  • Troubleshooting: [:UCOTickets:UCO Tickets for FLC]

  • Extra: [:FLCComputingCommunication:Other Means of Communication]

DESY-Wide Services

  • Core Services: [:DESYComputingRegistry:The Registry], [:DESYComputingKerberos:Kerberos], [:DESYComputingAFS:AFS]

  • Connectivity: [:DESYComputingLogin:Internal and Remote Login], [:DESYComputingNetwork:Network Access], [:DESYComputingPrinting:Printing]

  • Communication: [:DESYComputingMail:The Mailserver], [:DESYComputingSympa:Mailing Lists], [:DESYComputingCertificates:SSL Certificates]

  • Software: [:DESYComputingSoftware:Software in the DESY Environment], [:DESYComputingOperatingSystems:Operating Systems at DESY]

  • Storage: [:dCache:dCache Mass Storage], [:DESYComputingTSMArchive:TSM Archive]

  • Extra Services: [:DESYComputingTerminalServer:The Windows Terminal Server]

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