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Running the gain calibration on the Grid


Before you start processing a gain run:

In order to set up your Grid environment, go to the gainGrid/ folder and source the file grid.sh. You may need to create a new Grid proxy. The gain calibration is done in two steps:

  1. Go to the gainGrid/ folder and run gainHst.sh <runnumber>. This script starts the extraction of the histograms from the binary files. There are some additional scripts inside the /gainGrid/gainHst/ folder which can be used during (or after) this histogram extraction. Go to /gainGrid/gainHst/ and execute:

    • showStatus.sh <runnumber> (gives information about the current status of the corresponding Grid job)

    • ...
  2. After the previous job has finished, go back to gainGrid/ and run gain_new.sh <runnumber>. This starts several Grid jobs (one per module) which perform the multi-gaussian fits on the gain histograms and extract the gain values. While (and after) these jobs are running, you can use the scripts stored in /gainGrid/gain_new:

    • showStatus.sh <runnumber> (gives information about the current status of the corresponding Grid jobs)

    • retrieveOutput.sh <runnumber> (retrieves content of output sandbox, i.e. log-files, for the corresponding Grid jobs and copies it to run/<runnumber>/output/)

    • showNotCleared.sh (lists all Grid jobs without cleared output sandboxes)

    • getGainResults.sh <runnumber> (copies all .gain-files for the given run to results/<runnumber>/)

    • getCheckPlots.sh <runnumber> (copies all .ps-files (histograms with fits) for the given run to results/<runnumber>/)

    • resubmitModule.sh <runnumber> <modulenumber(s)> (resubmits the jobs for the modules listed)

    • ...

The actual gain values from the gain run have now been extracted an are stored in the *.gain files for every module. The next step is to get only one gain value per cell, as the gain run scans with different light intensities and for every intensity idealy one gain is extracted from the fit of the spectrum (not all spectra allow the extraction of a gain, e.g. too low or too high light intensity).

This is done with the scripts of the following package:

The easiest way to use them is by just executing the "checkListOfRuns.sh" script, which has to be modified for the run numbers you want to check.

The *.gain files are then copied from the grid, the average gain per cell for a given runs is calculated from the different gains from different light intensities. This temporary result is stored as *.gain.best file for every module. Afterwards the files for the different modules are merged. This result is stored as gain-runNumber.dat file.

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