There are many terms and abbreviations used at ILC (←here is one) and before one gets used to these it's easy to get confused. Below is a list of most commonly used ones, and the Linear Collider Page has a few more.


stands for "Forschung mit Lepton Collidern" - Research with Linear Lepton Colliders

Guinea Pig

is an e+e- beam-beam simulation program, used to study the beam-beam interaction and the corresponding backgrounds induced in ILC detectors. more...


International Large Detector superceded the Large Detector Concept (LDC) (read more)


is a frontend to Geant4, capable of reading various file formats (stdhep, slcio, ascii) and simulate the detector response driven by the instructions in a steering file (examples can be found in the ${ILCSOFT}/../ILDConfig/${version}/StandardConfig/current/ directory). It's homepage is poorly documented and badly outdated. Its successor package DD4hep is being actively developed and will eventually replace Mokka for simulation tasks.


is a highly flexible C++ modular reconstruction and analysis framework with frontends to LCIO and ROOT (and many more subpackages). It makes use of processors (special classes for particular tasks) which can be combined into chains, driven by XML steering files (for examples see the ${ILCSOFT}/../ILDConfig/${version}/StandardConfig/current/ directory). Several processors are grouped into special subpackages like MarlinReco, MarlinTPC and MarlinUtil for particular tasks. Documentation is available from the ILCSoft page

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