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 * There are {{{edg-job-*}}}, {{{glite-job-*}}}, and {{{glite-wms-job-*}}} commands  * Different sets of job management commands:
  * {{{globus-job-*}}}: low-level commands, for testing
  * {{{edg-job-*}}}: outdated, deprecated
  * {{{glite-job-*}}}: outdated, will not work
  * {{{glite-wms-job-*}}}: up to date, preferred
  • Different sets of job management commands:
    • globus-job-*: low-level commands, for testing

    • edg-job-*: outdated, deprecated

    • glite-job-*: outdated, will not work

    • glite-wms-job-*: up to date, preferred

  • JDL files for glite-wms-job-submit must not contain a line StdInput = "";

  • {{{lcg-info --vo ilc --list-ce --attrs "EstRespTime,WorstRespTime,TotalJobs,TotalCPUs,MaxRunningJobs,CE,\

    (no space in --attrs)

  • Display detailed information about a specific site with one or more Computing Elements (e. g. DESY-HH):
    ldapsearch -x -H ldap://grid-giis.desy.de:2170 -b mds-vo-name=DESY-HH,o=grid

    Values for LDAP queries can be found on the [http://goc.grid.sinica.edu.tw/gstat/ GOC GStat] web pages under “Test the site GIIS”.

  • glite-wms-job-logging-info -i test.jid

  • lcg-del --vo ilc --verbose -a lfn:/grid/ilc/flc/samson/whizardresult.109.tgz

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