The DeepAnalysis code for hadron shower decomposition

The hadron shower DeepAnalysis code has been developed with the propose of studying the composition of hadronic showers utilizing data from highly granular calorimeter prototypes. It is an ad hoc type of clustering algorithm based on analog information of energy deposited in a hadronic shower tuned for the identification of the shower components. This multi-purposes algorithm make a decomposition of hadronic shower (set of calorimeter hits) into a number of clusters with different physical properties. Read more about it in a preliminary version of a manual for the DeepAnalysis code.


The RootTreeWriter is a package to fill a ROOT TTree from the LCIO data stream. It consists of a core processor and of a series of modules ("engines") defining the tree variables and rules to derive them from the LCIO stream. The engines can be switched and steered by parameters in the MARLIN steering file, allowing for flexible behavior at run time. A list of available engines is given here, but extending the functionality with custom engines is straight forward.

The code is currently maintained in a git repository hosted at DESY, which is accessible by

shell> git clone

Example of a steering file call to the RootTreeWriter Processor:

.begin MyRootTreeWriter
ProcessorType RootTreeWriter
#---Single processor for all the plotting

        OutFileMode   RECREATE
        OutFileName   test.root
        RootTreeName   bigtree

#       enable(1) or disable(0) write engines
        HcalHitWriteEngine_enable     1
        HitWriteEngine_enable         1
        TriggerWriteEngine_enable     1
        DriftChamberWriteEngine_enable 1

#       Name of input collection
        HcalHitWriteEngine_InCol        AhcCalorimeterHits
        HitWriteEngine_InCol            AhcCalorimeterHits
        DriftChamberWriteEngine_InCol   driftchamber_track

#       DriftChamberWriteEngine special parameters
        PrototypeModel TBCern0707

#       TriggerWriteEngine special parameters
        TriggerConfigurationName   Conf_Trigger
        TriggerEventName   Event_Trigger
        VetoAmplitudeName   VetoAmplitude
        VetoBitName   VetoBit

#       HitWriteEngine special parameters
#       Prefix to tree variables
        HitWriteEngine_caloType   ahc
#       HitWriteEngine information level 0: integrated values, 1: layer by layer information, 2: radial information
        HitWriteEngine_informationLevel   2

.end -------------------------------------------------

Fit to longitudinal profile of hadronic shower

The parametrization for the fit to the longitudinal shower profile of hadronic shower is implemented in a simple root routine. The fit-function is taken from "Analytical Representation of the Longitudinal Hadronic Shower Development" (Kulchitsky, Y. A.; Vinogradov, V. B.). It is a 4 parameters fit function of x in mm:

dE/dx = [0]*(Power((x),[1]-1)*Exp(-([2]*x))+(1-[0])*Power((x*X_0/Lambda),[1]-1)*Exp(-([3]*x*X_0/Lambda))

in the AHCAL one has: X_0 = 26.2 mm, Lambda = 228.4 mm, x is obtained from the layer number multiplied by the layer thickness = 31.7 mm

the code is available at DESY under: flc30:/data/garutti/LCIO/MARLIN/NEW_SOFT/Analysis/hadron_shower_fit.C and bigtree.h or by writing an email to:

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