Bug like features


In calice_userlib/include/RtypesSubSet.h there is:

#ifndef ROOT_Rtypes
#define ROOT_Rtypes

Which is the same name as in ROOT. This means that when you use ROOT headers it depends on the order of the header files you include. Currently you have to include your ROOT headers first to be sure that everything is loaded because RtypesSubSet.h is only a sub set of Rtypes.h the original ROOT header.


<!> The information about the FastCaliceHit might be outdated, please corret this section if you know more about this topic <!> -- JörgenSamson 2009-06-19 15:18:21

This construct is bad for two reasons: 1. It was introduced to have an error for a CalorimeterHit, but now the CalorimeterHit has an error field itself -> deprecated. 2. The way it is implemented caused problems: you can't cast to a FastCalice/TCMTHit directly, you have to create a new one if it comes from a file

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