Debugging a Processor (aka. the shared library problem...)

Compile without optimization -O0, but with -g: CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug. CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebug should work as well, but might lead to confusing and missleading output during debugging or on crashes.

Start debugger:

$ ddd <full-path-to-marlin-binary>

Because Marlin loads the shared libaries with the processors at run time, you cannot set breakpoints in these processors, before Marlin is started.

You could do something like

$ break

where the line number 102 should be adjusted and point to the line of code after

  ProcessorLoader loader( libs.begin() , libs.end()  ) ;

Now, you can start Marlin

$ run steering-file.steer

At this point the shared libraries are loaded, so the source of the processors is available.

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