with lcio

The information about I/J/K and module/chip/channel/(SiPM) are encoded in the reconstructed lcio files.

To access these information use the lcio cellid en/deconding (include the appropriate headers).

CellIDDecoder<CalorimeterHit> myCellIDDecoder(inputCollection);
i = myCellIDDecoder(Hit)["I"];
j = myCellIDDecoder(Hit)["J"];
k = myCellIDDecoder(Hit)["K-1"]+1;
module = myCellIDDecoder(Hit)["module"];

inputCollection is a pointer to the input collection. Hit is a pointer to a reconstructed calorimeter hit.

The "decoder-strings" available for the available for collections produced with analogue HCAL-Software are:  I,J,K-1;module,chip,channel,SiPM  (note "K-1"; "K" is not available).

The "decoder"-pattern -- including the "decoder-strings" -- is attached as parameter "CellIDEncoding" to the CalorimeterHit-collection. Use the LCIO-command dumpevent or the "lcio" command-line tool if you want to see the values for your .slcio file.

E.g.:parameter CellIDEncoding [string]: I:6:9,J:15:9,K-1:24:6,module:32:6,chip:38:5,channel:43:5,SiPM:48:16

More information: http://lcio.desy.de/v01-09/doc/doxygen_api/html/classUTIL_1_1CellIDDecoder.html

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