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I try here below an outline of the most common settings required:
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assuming a plot with single pad made in a canvas of
c1 = new TCanvas("c1","canvas",0,0,600,400);

the following settings give large enough lables and titles

  gStyle->SetLabelOffset(0.02,"xyz"); // default: 0.005 (percent of pad width)
  gStyle->SetLabelSize(0.06,"xyz"); // default: 0.04 (percent of pad widtth)

some more simple rules for graphs:

  TGraph *gr = new TGraph(150,x10,y10);
  gr->SetMarkerStyle(20); // use marker types to distinguish different graphs, not colors!!!
  gr->SetMarkerSize(0.7); // set a reasonable size of points
  gr->SetTitle(0); // use no titles (also for histos): the title will be in the caption
  gr->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("X axis title [mm]"); // ALWAYS put lables on the axis
  gr->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("Y axis title [mm]"); // and units in [brakets]
  lable = new TLatex(50,1,"legend"); // write additional text inside the plot as legend
  lable->Draw(); // if possible do not exceed the axis area

if two or more plots are meant to be compared, make sure the axis range is the same.

Please stick to the 'official' [:ROOTlogon:ILD root style]

For the upcoming pubblications / internal notes / proceedings it would be nice to stick to some common rules for the root plots made by our group.

Please stick to the 'official' [:ROOTlogon:ILD root style]

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