Hcal Repositories and Builds at FLC

The central CALICE code authority is a CVS repository hosted bey DESY Zeuthen. We keep semi-private daughter repository in the FLC AFS space to channel Hcal code developments before release to the official repository. In addition, three different builds of these repositories are provided. Thus only people developing central code have to check out and compile the reconstruction software, while people doing analysis can run from the central builds.

NM 2008-06-20: The following does not exactly describe the current status, but rather the plans for clean-ups comming up the following days.


Three different builds of all CALICE code are provided:


For each package of the CALICE code, one git repository is available with following structure:

Code migration policies

The default path of newly developed code (including major upgrades and changes) is

  1. private development repository
  2. devel branch of the FLC repository
  3. master branch of the FLC repository
  4. Official CVS repository

Migration from 1. to 2. is done on request of the developer. Step 2. to 3. requires tests and discussions inside the Hcal group. Step 3. to 4. happens automatically. The FLC repository is not writable for everybody, so steps 2. and 3. need coordination with the maintainer (currently Angela).

For simple and urgent changes (e.g. bug fixes), step 2. can be omitted - everybody is encouraged to act responsible here!

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