Response scaling

The IntegratedHcalCalibrationProcessor and IntegratedHcalDigitizationProcessor (inherited from the SiPMPropertiesProcessor) has three options concering the response curve scaling:


(The names are obviously rubbish...)

They overrule each other top to bottom. If there is from PixelScaleFactorsCollectionName and DefaultPixelScaleFactorsCollectionName then PixelScaleFactorsCollectionName wins.

DefaultPixelScaleFactor is therefore the fallback solution and applies to all channels. It has to be set to a float. Its default is currently 0.8.

(Default,)PixelScaleFactorsCollectionName accept the name of a collection of SimpleValues (see below). To include such a collection put a line like

  SimpleFileHandler indisat scale.slcio SimpleValues

to your ConditionsProcessor steering options and

   PixelScaleFactorsCollectionName indisat

for the IntegratedHcalCalibrationProcessor.

Create file like this (without the first):

module chip channel value error status
8      4    3       0.75  0     1

Put the scaling factors in the value column. You are not allowed to omit any field.

Use writeSimpleValues to create a lcio file. (Install calice_cddata yourself or use the installed binary (currently: /afs/

writeSimpleValues --inFile factors.dat --outFile factors.slcio --write

The lcio should look like:

dumpevent factors.slcio 1

        Event  : 0 - run:  0 - timestamp 0 - weight 1
 date:      01.01.1970  00:00:00.000000000
 detector : unknown
 event parameters:

 collection name : SimpleValues

--------------- print out of LCGenericObject collection ---------------

  flag:  0x80000000
 parameter DataDescription [string]: i:ID,f:value,f:error,i:status,
 parameter TypeName [string]: SimpleValue,

 [   id   ] i:ID,f:value,f:error,i:status - isFixedSize: true
[00000004] i:6408; i:1; f:0.75; f:0;

Module/chip/channel is converted to a HcalTileIndex.

Check by setting Verbosity DEBUG0 and look for the last occurrence of "Using xxx factor":

[ DEBUG0 "Conditions"] Using individual default factor.
[ DEBUG0 "Conditions"] module: 1 chip: 4 channel: 7 SiPMID: 241 scale factor: 0.5

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