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General software news

   usage: generateRecoXml [options] <run number>


   -h           show this help
   -d <file>    specifies input definitions file
   -t <file>    specifies input template file
   -s <file>    specifies output steering file
   -o <file>    specifies output slcio file
   -r <file>    specifies output root file
   -l           adds collections with AHCAL limits
   -y           adds collections to study AHCAL systematics

  calice_run/generateRecoXml <run number>

<parameter name="DefaultPixelScaleFactorsCollectionName" type="string" value="DefaultPixelScaleFactors"/>

will not work (error about collection being set, but not valid). Please comment the above line, or use the latest calice_run, in order to get rid of the problem. I apologise for the incovenience.

10 June 2010

getAmplRawADC();               //raw amplitude, in ADC units
getAmplRawMinusPedestalADC();  //raw amplitude minus pedestal, in ADC units
getAmplTemperatureCorrMIP();   //amplitude in MIPs (i.e. raw/MIP, before saturation correction), where the MIP 
                               //constant was temperature corrected
getAmplNOTTemperatureCorrMIP();//amplitude in MIPs (i.e. raw/MIP, before saturation correction), where the MIP 
                               //constant was NOT temperature corrected
getAmplGeV();                  //amplitude in GeV (after whole calibration chain, i.e. after saturation)

LCCollection *amplCol = evt->getCollection("AhcAmplitude");
for (int iAmpl = 0; iAmpl < amplCol->getNumberOfElements(); ++iAmpl)
     LCGenericObject *object = dynamic_cast<LCGenericObject*>(amplCol->getElementAt(iAmpl));
     AhcAmplitude *ahcAmplitude = new AhcAmplitude(object);
     float amplGeV = ahcAmplitude->getAmplGeV();

9 Jun 2010

- add CellQuality and SimpleValue as data types for the dumpCalib tool
- new tool: extractCalibEfficiency
- new tool: addCollectionParameters

flcini calice_pro_test
caliceMarlin /afs/

[ WARNING "HcalMCDigitization"] Maximum number of ADC reached: 66127.3
[ WARNING "HcalMCDigitization"]  saturatedPixel: 1949 lightYield: 12.7818 mip: 433.67
[ WARNING "HcalMCDigitization"] Limiting to: 33000

Thanks a lot to Beni for giving me the solution.

## scale response curves!
   doScaleResponseCurves 1

New Mokka and GEANT4 version on afs

New version of Marina's PrimaryTrackFinder

CMake file for users

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<your-path> -C /afs/ <path to your package>

(the last line should not be interrupted!) Note that you have to set the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX yourself, since we encourage out-of-source installation (that means, you should always install your own libraries/executables etc NOT in the same directory with the source code, but somewhere else).

New GEANT4 version

New CALICE software version

export ADD_MARLIN_DLL=/afs/

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