HCal Gain Calibration (OUTDATED)

In the past, gain constants were made available in the database in folder


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Initial average values for FNAL 2008 (May): Three periods of different voltage settings. No temperature correction was applied. The gain values were averaged over the following runs:

nominal HV - 520039 to 520093

first adjustment - 520100 to 520124 and 500149 to 500195

second adjustment - 500212 to 500482



Modules 1,2,14,25 have been recalibrated at DESY. Several gain runs taken on 08/01/09, determination of dG/dT, then calculated G(T) = G(T0) + dG/dT * (T - T0), where T=27° C for each SiPM. Averaged over all runs after temperature correction.

All other modules: averages over all gain 33xxxx and 35xxxx runs available on the GRID (path: /grid/calice/results), without any selection of good or bad runs. Also no temperature correction was done. This will be redone...


2006: average values from all gain runs in longer periods

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