In the past, intercalibration constants were made available in the database in folder


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FNAL 2008 (May): Average intercalibration factors from runs 500044 to 500477 and 520072 to 520158. The same selection procedure was applied as for HcalInter-002. The intercalibration factors from the single measurements are available on the GRID (/grid/calice/ic_ahcal/)


2007: Average intercalibration factors from either CERN (all but 4 modules) or DESY measurements (modules 1, 2, 14 and 25) after selection procedure (described below)

Since the spread of the differences between single measurements and the average values for each channel appears to be much larger than the expected 1-2% a selection procedure is applied to reduce it. All measured values for each single channel are sorted by size. Starting in the middle and going up, the relative differences between subsequent values are checked. As soon as a jump of more than 1% is encountered, the remaining values in this direction are removed. Afterwards the same is done for the opposite direction, this time starting one value before the middle and going down. The remaining values are averaged. This reduces the spread mentioned above to the expected range.


2006: Average values over all inter measurements in longer periods

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