HCal MIP Calibration (OUTDATED)

In the past, MIP constants were made available in the database in folder


The folder still exists. However, the format used in this folder is outdated by now. The corresponding tags are listed here for reference:

description of OUTDATED tags


Initial values for FNAL 2008 - May Data taking period

Used runs:


a) Module 32 was off for runs: 500305 500306 therefore for this module only the runs 500278 500279 500285 500286 500293 500300 were used.


Approximately 2% of the cells in HcalMip-001 had a wrong mip value. The list of affected channels you can find in listChannels_First.txt. Format: module chip*18+channel


The Mip Calibration for 2007 uses the Run range:

330254 330255 330256 330257 330258

2006 MIP calibration

2006 MIP calibration was performed with the runs: 300774-300788

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