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(other sources of information: the TestbeamAnalysisLib, TestbeamAnalysisProcedures and the MarlinTPC wiki)

To collect all relevant information for the software and analysis project of the FLC-TPC group.

Software basics


Data samples

The baseline run 0069 from a cosmic run with magnetic field. Current "home" of the data is

In the same directory also the padmapping can be found:

The Treewriter

Thanks to Joergen for this. The main page is also in the wiki: RootTreeWriter. If you happen to find any bugs, please confirm then and report them in the bug tracker:

The RootTreeWriter can be found in a cvs repository. Please check it out from (note: you must be an afs group member of flc and have a valid token):

Treewriter HowTo

Note: the order is not strict.

Basic cmake setup

After downloading some steps need to be taken to be able to compile any new engine for the RootTreeWriter. This includes the extension of the cmake paths. The handiest way to do this is, is to use an include config file, like in

This config file shortens the definition of "-D" options to cmake, e.g.

The Writer

  1. create an engine within the treewriter
    • -> script: "~/treewriter/RootTreeWriter/bin/ $name" creates two files in ~/treewriter/RootTreeWriter/engines: ${name}.cc and ${name}.hh

  2. edit the .cc and .h file accordingly
  3. compilation
    • create a build directory and change into it. Issue the commands
      • 3.1 cmake -C setup.cmake RootTreeWriter (or specify where CMAKE_MODULE_PATH, ROOT_HOME and LCIO_HOME are) 3.2 make

  4. edit the steering file accordingly and run it

a small example

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