create new calice_calib DESY SVN server repository

==== cd /afs/ ====

1.1 svn ls
1.2 svn mkdir -m "Create calice_calib dir"
1.3 svn mkdir -m "Initial directory structure"
1.4 git svn init -s
1.5 git svn fetch --use-log-author --add-author-from
1.6 git branch -a

2.1 git-rev-list --parents devel |grep '^.\{40\}$'
2.2 git rev-parse trunk
2.3 touch .git/info/grafts
2.4 echo 4191204a4dd9470c374e6058e4c13cc50c329bef b286994f4d70a4c57ed188017a8b99ded5c2c078 >> .git/info/grafts
2.4 git filter-branch -- remotes/trunk --all
2.5 rm .git/info/grafts
2.6 git svn rebase

3.1 git svn dcommit -n
3.2 git svn dcommit

create new calice_calib local git repository

==== admin:====
cd /afs/
create clice_calib software package
cd calice_calib
git init
git branch devel
git checkout devel

==== git-repo: ====
cd /group/hcal/calice_soft/git_repo
git clone --bare /afs/ calice_calib
vi HEAD, change master to devel

==== admin: ====
cd /afs/
git remote add publish /group/hcal/calice_soft/git_repo/calice_calib
git push --all publish

==== webpage for git-repo: ====
cd /group/hcal/calice_soft/git_repo/calice_calib
cd hooks
mv post-update.sample post-update
cd ../
vi description, write "CALICE calibration package" inside here.

Add ''publish

git-remote add publish /afs/
git fetch publish
git branch -a

Add user changes

git-remote add nfeege ssh://flc22//data//nfeege/CALICE_SW/calice_devel/calice_db_tools
git-remote update

Problems with ''git-remote add and update''

Problems with ''repo/publish''

Problems with '''git svn dcommit'''

don't panic, this is probably because git has problems in coping with linux and afs permission rights. In this specific case, we had a git-svn repository created by me (Angele), and Shaojun was not able to git svn dcommit. The solution is to give write rights to write to the group:

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