Tips and Tricks for Software

Using the Grid and the Batch Cluster

Detector Model

I have used the ILD_00 model. The basic mokka model is described in I have attached the gear file I have used for my analysis, and some more information can be found in the ILD Letter of Intent.

Most important for my analysis is the ECAL. It is a silicon-tungsten sandwich calorimeter with 30 active layers and 5*5 mm^2 cell size.

Event Generation

The SUSY particle spectrum is calculated by SPheno, all interactions and decays are simulated with Whizard. See

for further information. Here you can find my SPheno input file and my WHiZard input file.

create Mokka file

For my PhD thesis, I used Mokka installation is v06-07-p01.

Some general geant4 documentation can be found in

The installation and usage of Mokka is documeted in the Mokka page in this wiki

The installation and modification of Geant4, especially how to add particles, is described in the Geant4 page in this wiki

reconstruct Mokka files with Marlin

For my thesis I used Marlin installation: /afs/

The detector geometry is described in a gear file.

This has to be included in the steering file, see EventReconstruction. Calibration constants for the LDCCaloDigi-processor and how to obtain them is explained in CalorimeterCalibration

In general particles can be reconstructed with the PandoraPFA processor, an example steering file is delivered with each Pandora distribution. More information can found at EventReconstruction.

More advanced, but detector geometry dependent photon clustering can be done with the Predrag's photonfinder kit.

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