Info for the Open Day Activities

Order from PR


Old posters can be found under /afs/

Posters on the poster walls are 95,7 cm x 149 cm (visible area). A0 is 841x1189 cm2, so it doesn't fit. Using the PR Powerpoint template, one gets a PDF file with the dimensions 97,5x142.22 cm2. Workaround: Print posters un-skaled:

After this cut the green title and footer areas and glue the white part over the old posters.

OR: make posters early and organize printing/mounting on the poster walls quite in advance.

Think about updating the roll-up poster walls -> has to be done quite early!

Jelly Beans

The glas holds about 2kg Jelly Beans. So buy two 100g packs of the colored ones (also to sort out the dark ones) and 2.3-2.5kg of the black ones (to have some spare to fill during the evening).



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