Important: Old vs. New Regulations

Described below are the procedures according to the old doctoral degree regulations (Promotionsordnung) of the department (Fachbereich) of physics from 2002.

  • PhD students who registered their PhD work until the end of March 2011 and finish until March 2015 can choose to finish their PhD according to these old regulations (recommended).

  • PhD students who registered their PhD work later or finish later are bound to the new regulations. In that case, please refer to the new wiki page.


Physics Department Administration

University Administration

Getting started...

Registration of PhD work

Enrolling in PhD study program (Promotionsstudiengang Physik)

For students who registered with the PhD committee before April 2011, this is not essential, but has advantages due to term-ticket for public transport and a discount at the DESY canteen. If you register after April 2011, the new PhD regulations for the MIN faculty apply, and you have to enroll within three months after you receive the acceptance letter.

Coming to an end...

Submission of the Dissertation

Preparation of the Disputation

The Disputation

Publishing the Dissertation

Distribution of the Samples

The Final


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