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Getting started...

Registration of PhD work

Enrolling in PhD study program (Promotionsstudiengang Physik)

In the PhD regulations for the MIN faculty it is written that you have to enroll within three months after you receive the acceptance letter. For further things that might be different in the new regulations, such as the need to write an "outline of research project" and the possibility for online application, see the MIN faculty webpage.

A step-by-step for the enrollment procedures can also be found on the webpage of the physics department.

Coming to an end...

Submission of the Dissertation


Publishing the Dissertation

In that case you need to distribute your thesis to:

  1. University library (“Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky”): six hardcopies
    • Responsible: Dissertation Office (Hochschulschriftenbearbeitung) (phone 040/42838-2236)

    • Address: Von-Melle-Park 3, 20146 Hamburg, room 258 – this is on the second/topmost floor of the library in the administration part of the building.
    • WWW: opening hours, currently Mo–Fr 09:00–12:00

    • The copies of the dissertation should be handed in directly at the library service desk in the reading room (1st floor). You will get there a temporary receipt. The official (final) receipt will be sent directly to Thomas Weiler by the library.
    • Bus: bus stop “Staatsbibliothek“, the main entrance is at the back side of the building
    • Parking: Grindelallee, alleyway on the rear side of “Logo”
  2. Library of the physics department (Jungiusstraße): one hard copy and the published abstract (see below)
  3. The library of the physics department also publishes an abstract of your thesis:
    • Fill in the online abstract submission form or deliver a floppy disk. (Remember those things?)

    • Browse through the PACS table and look for approximately five items that describe your thesis best. Enter the nn.nn.xx codes into the corresponding field.

    • You can select keywords for your thesis from the HEP Keyword Index and/or the INSPEC classification scheme.

    • Do not miss any field in the form. After clicking the "Submit information" button, you should see a preview of the result before the final submission. If LaTeX formatting does not work, try plain text or HTML.
    • Send the full text of your thesis to (see receipt), unless you do not have the rights to do so or would have to pay for it (if you employ a publisher).

  4. Studienbüro Physik: one copy



Written by Klaus Zenker (based on PhdHowto), 2014-10-31

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