DESY Scientifix Linux 5 - SLD5

The Scientific Linux -DESY- SLD5 release 9 in 32/64 bit version, is the current release of Scientific Linux. It is the standard installation on the grid and the NAF, and on an large amount of desktop PCs. See the DESY scientific linux pages for more information on Scientific Linux.


Ask your group administrator, currently this is Eduard Avetisyan. He should take care of the installation.

<!> A backup of your data will be performed by the IT prior to the installation. However, cleaning up the /scratch directory before the installation might be useful, as every new version of the OS requires more space on the hard drive and large amounts of data on /scratch might cause problems.

SLD4/SLD5 Known Issues

Some commands changed between SLD4 and SLD5:

 /usr/bin/xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

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