The Apache Subversion service svn is a software versioning and revision control.
A good place to find information: Version control with subversion

There is a central DESY svn server you can use for your projects, (see also the nice intro slides on this service)

SVN quick start guide

For an initial import of a directory that is not yet under version control:

svn import <what>  <svndir-on-server-or-somewhere-else>  -m "Commit message for initial Import" 

where "what" could be a single file or a complete directory structure.

To list the contents of a remote repository

svn list <svndir-on-server-or-somewhere-else>

To checkout the latest version of the repository:

svn co <svndir-on-server-or-somewhere-else> <target-location>

Once you have a working directory, you can

another svn how-to

one more svn how-to

How to set up a personal home Subversion server

MarlinTPC svn workflow

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