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Shin-ichi Kawada

Email: <>


Personal web page (JP): Click here., (EN): Click here.

I am currently working on Higgs physics analysis at the ILC, especially the channel of Higgs boson decaying into muon pairs.

Some Notes

Of course, "something_EN.pdf" is a note written in English, and "something_JP.pdf" is written in Japanese (for my convenience :) ).

Note of error propagation

In this note, we will discuss how to calculate the error of reconstructed muon pair mass. In section 1, we will consider the case of two muons only. In section 2, the case of two muons plus correction of FSR photon is considered. The calculation itself is not so difficult, but contains too many terms. Now, you don't need to drink 10 cups of coffee or beer for the calculation. {OK} :-?

Series of analysis note

This note summarizes the first analysis log of h-->mumu channel at 500 GeV ILC, using SGV samples and fully-simulated samples for signal in both cases. To summarize in one sentence, I obtained the precision of 54%(34%) with the case of full(SGV) samples.

This is a second log of h-->mumu analysis at 500 GeV. I increased the number of MC samples. I obtained relatively 10% worse precision than the results written in note 01. <:(

This is a third log of h-->mumu analysis at 500 GeV. Now I used TMVA. This gives better results than previous :) . But at the same time I found some problems... <:(

This is a fourth log of h-->mumu analysis at 500 GeV. I worked for more efficient precuts, and tested TMVA analysis various cases. MC statistics is not enough as expected. <:(

This is a fifth log of h-->mumu analysis at 500 GeV. In this note, I used all MC samples generated before the end of year 2016. I analysed qqh/nnh channels with both beam polarization cases for the first time.

This is a sixth log of h-->mumu analysis at 500 GeV, a bit modified version of Note05.

This is a seventh log of h-->mumu analysis. In this note, the first results of 250 GeV analysis are written. Also 500 GeV results are modified because I added a bit more MC samples.


Changing order of words/numbers

Consider you have a following data format in file1. (format: from left, "process", "beam polarization", "process ID", and "cross section")

2f eL.pR 250001 14.68
X750 eL.pR 134567 0.88

If you want change the order like;

250001 2f eL.pR 14.68
134567 X750 eL.pR 0.88

(new format: from left, "process ID", "process", "beam polarization", and "cross section")

In this case, awk command will help you. Just type;

awk '{ print $3" "$1" "$2" "$4 }' file1 > file2
less file2

Now you got it. You need " ", otherwise all characters/numbers are combined, not separated with space.

Eszzet in TeX

Just type as "\ss".